V de Bravado, proud sponsor of Niña Luisita

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V de Bravado, the boatyard of the esa lovers which is located in the port of Premià de Mar, has made an arrangement with the shipowners of the boat “Niña Luisita” and becomes the sponsor of this exceptional and gorgeous barkentine.

The sponsoring will take place while the boat’s participation in the Mediterranean Classic Boats race on July 2017.

By doing this, V de Bravado widens its’ strategy of communication and marketing, which has been pretty successful since the brand presentation in 2016 in the “Salón Nautico de Barcelona”. This will not be the only sponsoring since V de Bravado has implemented selective sponsoring strageties to it’s advertising plan.

Besides his support as sponsor, the V de Bravado’s CEO (Ramón Pérez Paredes) becomes part of the crew member on board of the “Niña Luisita”. Our boatyard’s chief is an experimented sailor whom, amongst other voyages, has crossed the Atlantic several times to arrive to american coasts  patronizing his own ship.

Niña Luisita: a barkentine born nobel

Pietro Bagietto founded the shipyard named after him in 1854 in the coastal city of Varazze, not too far form Geneva.

It was after almost 80 years of activity – in 1930 – when the Count Lorenzo Bruzzo, who belonged to a wealthy Genovese family, ordered a barkentine  of 20m. Vittorio Vicenzo Baglieto, the founder’s grandson and then actual owner of the shipyard, got inspired for the building of this ship from the boats designed by Charles Nicholson, the worldwide famous naval engineer and British builder.

The lines of the hull ara traditional with a wide wet surface. Though, the stem turns out to be inclined, whichs proves the influence of the Count Lorenzo in the design.

A singular and original rigging

What makes this boat exceptional is that it’s between-masts-sail is triangular and hoists above a knife stay keeping the boom. With this rigging ccalled Staysail Schooner, the Fisherman sail becomes easier to use because there is no need to hoist and hold down in every board change. This feature makes the ship faster.


Length: 14,46m
Max. length: 20.85m
Width: 4,32m
Draft via: 2,43m
Motion: 55t
Rigging: Stay Schooner
Ship Builder: Baglietto (Italia)
Year: 1930


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