diseño naval

Naval engineering and design

– Study of propulsion systems

– Assistance in reforms

– Calculation of propellers

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General maintenance and cleaning

– Cleaning of hull and keel

– Door sealing

– Repair small faults

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Paint and fiber

– Polished, buffed and finished

– Patent application

– Construction and repair

mantenimiento del interior de un barco

Carpentry and joinery

– Installation of floors

– Modification of the distribution of the ship.

– Varnishing of elements

Equipamiento de electricidad en barcos

Electronics, electricity and systems

– Installation of devices

– AC-DC electricity services

– Battery maintenance

Restauraciones de motores de barco

Mechanics and Boilermaking

– Propulsion systems

– Maneuvering propellers

– Fresh water and waste water circuits

mantenimiento de veleros

Aloft and rigging

– Rigging and flitting

– Maintenance, repair and replacement of masts

– Ropes